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If you know of an athlete, individual, or group who would benefit from learning more about my journey, please reach out to me directly.


I am currently booking events, motivational talks, and interviews for 2024. Topics may include, but are not limited to, building an identity beyond or outside of your sport, healthy ageing, meditation and coping mechanisms, dealing with injuries, and living with heart disease.

Ride with Kristina in the Triple Crown for Heart

Although I can no longer participate in the full 75km distance, I will continue to ride up Cypress mountain every year, in celebration of the fact that I still can, and to support a charity that raises money to help children and families with congenital heart disease. Check out my training website for more information and free training programs for 1 or all 3 mountains.


Saturday July 20th, 2024

8am to whenever you finish - or chose your own start time

Register online Triple Crown for Heart or you can chose to support the cause through a donation



Live Interview with Dr. Sanatani

In this 45min interview, the focus will be on ARVC and how the diagnosis changed my life, career, relationships, and identity. 

View it and many other inspirational and informative interviews on Youtube .

Or click on the image below to read more.


Meet the Author 

Experiencing the challenges of living with heart disease proved to be an incredibly difficult endeavour. However, this ordeal served as a catalyst to enable me to appreciate life more fully. During a meet the author interview your group will have the opportunity to learn more about my journey and ask questions that have not been covered in the book.

Please contact Kristina to book a talk or interview tailored to your audience or training club.

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